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Everything you need to know about waxing?

What is it about waxing that has been on your mind lately? Hair removal is a subject that is not often talked about openly and yet requires an in-depth consideration.Whether its facial hair, underarm hair, tummy hair, or bikini line, unwanted hair simply needs to go and there’s nothing like good old waxing to make it right.

The Science behind Environ 

Your skin is the body’s largest organ and that is one of the major reasons why skin care is a big deal. The skin can be so unique and complicated that it demands utmost attention. Environ understands your skin’s every need to make it glow with youthfulness and good health. It uses nothing less but the power of scientific research and technological advancements to develop skin care products that create beauty that lasts for a lifetime. Abiding by sound skin care principles, what you get is superior skin care no matter your age, gender, or skin color.

How Zoe Dee is keeping you safe during COVID?

Zoe Dee Hair & Beauty is all about your health and total well-being. In this time of COVID, we have committed to double our safety standards so we can protect both our employees and our beloved customers.

First off, we have kicked up our usual cleaning efforts and sanitation protocols. We have made it a point to wipe down equipment and maintain proper sanitation. 

Treat yourself, you are worth it.