What is it about waxing that has been on your mind lately? Hair removal is a subject that is not often talked about openly and yet requires an in-depth consideration. Whether its facial hair, underarm hair, tummy hair, or bikini line, unwanted hair simply needs to go and there’s nothing like good old waxing to make it right. 

Now, you can choose to do this at home DIY style or leave it to the experts to take the lead. Remember, hair removal is not to be messed with especially hair on the face, nipple, or tummy as hair in these areas tend to grow thicker when not done right. Getting sound advice from the professionals will save you the embarrassment and prove to be better in the long haul. 

More specifically, at Zoe Dee Hair & Beauty, you can count on waxing expertise and professionalism. There is a wide range of wax available in the market, but the traditional hot wax is deemed more effective in removing all types of hairs including the stubborn ones. Because it is warmer in temperature, hot wax opens the pores and is a winner for any type of hair. It is applied on the skin with a wooden spoon and lifted off using fabric strips.

At least a day or two before your appointment though, it is important to gently exfoliate the specific area so the hair follicles are clear from dead skin cells. And then, an hour before, you can take aspirin or ibuprofen to dull the pain and help calm the skin. Once there, be very clear with your waxer about what you want removed and what you want to leave untouched. 

If you are going for a bikini wax, you will definitely be asked to get undressed and after prepping the wax, you will be asked to spread your legs. At this point, try to relax and keep in mind that your waxer is a pro who’s had lots of experience and is only focused in giving you the smoothest results ever.