Zoe Dee Hair & Beauty is all about your health and total well-being. In this time of COVID, we have committed to double our safety standards so we can protect both our employees and our beloved customers. 

First off, we have kicked up our usual cleaning efforts and sanitation protocols. We have made it a point to wipe down equipment and maintain proper sanitation. But at the onset of COVID-19, we have enhanced our clean up drive, sterilized our tools, and made sure that each station is freshened up in between clients. Aside from the equipment, work areas are thoroughly cleaned and regularly disinfected. On a weekly basis, we likewise conduct deep cleaning.

In the same way, we have ensured that surfaces are disinfected especially those that are frequently touched. Temporarily, we have removed magazines that customers flip through often while waiting to prevent exposure. We are doing the same with candy dishes, testers, and the like.

Zoe Dee believes that social distancing is key to prevention and we apply the same rules with the exception of on-going services. Six feet apart is a must and holds true in spacing cutting stations unless services are being conducted. We have limited the appointments we accept to make social distancing possible. It is encouraged that you come alone for your appointment and that you come on time so there is no crowding. In case you are not feeling well, you can cancel your appointment as it can increase your health risks. We are doing the same for our staff and we rather they stay home when they are sick. We discourage walk-in appointments for now but in case you do, just wait and we will have someone attend to you as soon as possible.

Upon your arrival at Zoe Dee Hair & Beauty, hand washing and sanitising is required. In between clients, our employees do the same for your protection. We will provide you with face masks while our staff wear additional personal protective equipment.

You do not have to wonder anymore if it is safe to be at Zoe Dee’s or not because we have you covered on all bases. COVID is a risk we are not taking lightly and hand in hand, we can build that strong wall of protection.